About Us

Victory Adult Tuition Learning Centre is a community project situated in the Southern South an average community in Johannesburg.

It was founded and started by four young man with guidance from their who is the visionary to promote the development of youth, adults, and elderly including the deaf community as follows:

Four (4) developmental programs are run by the NPC. The NPC depends on donations of private companies and individuals.

It is an entrepreneurial entity that assists the development of our community in skills, education and various other products and services.

Our aim is to encourage and empower the community by promoting the idea of “I can” to build their self-esteem and to discover their personal potential in order to create wealth.

Our Offering

We also endeavor to assist people to discover what a true Christian is.

Christianity according to the bible is people who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The fact that he died to reconcile you to God is the main factor that motivates the believer.

Lets start today and create a better tomorrow for our communities at large.

Do you have a matric? If not we are here to help you achieve and get one. Joining Victory Adult Learning and Tuition CENTRE will ensure you have a better future in of education.

Your short and long term goals that you have envisioned for yourself will be met and you will be a success

We are actively working to improve the knowledge and skills which will be beneficial for the growth of our community helping them to create a more productive and creative mindset for future purposes.

Through effective community development implemented by Victory Adult Tuition Learning Centre residence representing a strong voice with leadership skills and ups killing.

Victory Adult Tuition Learning Centre will ensure that the community is groomed giving them opportunity to learn, practice and build upon their desires and have the motivation to succeed.

Our Objective

To Empower: Our Very Smallest And Older Persons In Our Community

To Look After: All By Providing Services That Enhance Education, Wealth And Sustainability.

To Assist: The Community Of SOUTHERN SOUTH And Surrounding Communities

To Ensure: The Sustainability Of The Centre And All The Programs Run At The Centre.

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